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You are welcome to the website of Lagos Journal of Banking, Finance and Economic Issues. The Lagos Journal of Banking, Finance and Economic Issues is the official journal of the Department of Finance, University of Lagos, the pioneer department of Finance in Nigeria committed to advancement of knowledge and production of high quality financial professionals through sound training and research. This in-depth resource provides valuable insights into successful financial and economic policies that will aid in the management of businesses and the nation’s economy. The latest theoretical perspectives, cutting-edge research, and practical solutions to the problems of business managers, policymakers in government, and academicians, are comprehensively discussed.


Some of the areas covered by the Journal include:

♦     Corporate Finance and Valuation

♦    Capital Market, Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management

♦    Derivative Securities and Markets

♦    Risk Management and Volatility Studies

♦    Financial Institutions and Management

♦    Financial Economics

♦    Quantitative Methods and Financial Econometrics

♦    Monetary Economics and Fiscal Policy

♦    Financial System Regulation and Policy

♦    International Economics and Finance

♦    Development Finance

♦    Economic Development and Policy

♦    Micro-enterprise and Small Business Finance

♦    Project Finance

♦    Financial Planning and Control

♦    Corporate Restructuring

♦    Financial Analysis and Modeling

♦    Insurance and Actuaries

♦    Corporate Governance Mechanism

♦    Accounting Issues in Valuation


The latest issue of the Journal, Volume 4 Issue 1 December 2018 , is now online.


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